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Preliminary Estimating Services

These preliminary estimates help ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget, resulting in a successful outcome for everyone involved. By utilizing preliminary estimating services, companies can plan ahead and take any potential issues into consideration before starting the project by having the estimated cost at hand.

Furthermore, a definitive estimate which is also known as digital cost estimate provides complete breakdown of project’s components. These help reduce costly delays or surprises during the course of a project. With accurate information at hand, businesses can make sound decisions about how to proceed with their projects without risking overspending or going over budget.

Deliverables Include in Preliminary Construction Estimating

Digital Takeoff & Estimation Excel File
PDF Markup Plans
Material Types & Material Quantities
Profit Percentage
Labor Cost with Man Hours Included

Our Team of Professional Estimators:

The preliminary budget estimate is prepared by our estimators by using professional estimating software which provide rough order magnitude estimate. We provide detailed estimate with approximate cost to many contractors like general contractors, home builders, designers, architects etc . We take into account labor costs, construction material, unit cost and square meter costs while providing preliminary estimation services. Our Professional estimators provide all types of preliminary estimate services from initial cost, anticipated cost, actual cost, major components cost, preliminary takeoff services and civil engineering projects according to your project scope.

With an in depth expertise of over a decade, TakeoffSharks, provides reliable preliminary estimates for a range of commercial and residential projects. Utilizing state of the art software combined with RS Means & Craftsmen databases and established relations with local vendors, we are able to deliver precise per square feet or meter costs for any finished/superstructure project along with accurate bill material analysis. Our experienced professionals ensure the most dependable results at all times!

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BIM Model:

We use building information model which eases our preliminary estimation phase by simple point and click system.

The bill of materials that you’ll get will comprise of the following measurements:

  1. Total area in square foots

  2. The linear measurements of structures like walls in meters or foots.

  3. The area in square foots of each room and floor.

What are the Benefits of having a Preliminary Estimate?

With preliminary estimate of any project at your hand you can enjoy following benefits:

  1. An insight of the estimated project cost, so you have a rough idea of initial budget.

  2. Controlling construction budgets by allocating amounts for designers and architects.

  3. Knowing complete estimate guides about your budget and can help you plan for loans beforehand.

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What Makes Us Different?

Having an experienced estimating team like TakeoffSharksis sure to benefit you; we have the expertise to draw on from past projects and create a blueprint for your current project. This will allow us to not only predict what materials are needed, but also understand specific factors such as the project type, geographical region and methods of construction that may have an effect on the cost. With our knowledge, accuracy and sound preliminary estimates are easy to obtain.

Our Experience in Preliminary Estimating Services:

As a provider of expert, experienced estimating services, we are uniquely positioned to help you find success when managing your builder/client relationships. Our team will use the latest technology available in the industry to deliver accurate and reliable cost estimates that can lead directly from concept to completion. We understand how complex and important cost estimation is and are willing to show you how our superior estimation capabilities can bring added precision and assurance through every stage of the process. Let us help you ensure a positive outcome by investing in our expertise today.

While performing preliminary estimating services for a building project we consider previous projects’ data. We make hypothesis and adjustments with respect to time, project area, location based database and size of the project created using engineering concepts.

We prepare a preliminary estimating plan for single story buildings, multi story buildings, residential, commercial, public projects or industrial projects. We hold your hand from project’s selection to planning stage and stay by your side till actual design comes into existence.

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What is a Preliminary Cost Estimate?

A preliminary estimate, or conceptual estimate provides crucial insight into the cost of a potential construction project by providing an initial forecast. This vital step helps contractors, real estate developers and homeowners make critical decisions regarding budgeting and design alternatives, ensuring any investments made are economically feasible.

Through the utilization of past project data, engineering fundamentals and taking current conditions into account such as size, time, or location; we are able to generate preliminary cost estimates at the beginning stages of a given project. This enables us to provide insight for budgeting purposes before further design & construction commitments take place.

We Provide Services For Preliminary Construction Estimation

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Sample of Residential Estimating Services

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