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We live in a era where accuracy, precision and perfection has taken the world by storm. When everything is heading to perfection in its own respect then how can construction industry which stands on accuracy can stay behind. Outsourcing estimating services for construction industry is one such road which leads this industry to unparalleled accuracy.

Outsourcing estimating services is an increasingly popular option for businesses that need to streamline their operations and save on costs like construction project. By allowing a third party service provider to take care of the tedious task of creating construction estimates, companies can focus more on other important tasks such as marketing and customer relations. This approach has been proven to be beneficial for both large multinational corporations as well as small start ups.

Deliverables Include in Outsource Construction Estimating

Digital Takeoff & Estimation Excel File
PDF Markup Plans
Material Types & Material Quantities
Profit Percentage
Labor Cost with Man Hours Included

Our Professional Team of Construction Estimating Services:

TakeoffSharks is a professional company with skilled professional estimators deal with new projects with same amount of attention and vigilance while keeping in account other aspects as well. The material list made by our estimator is inspected for double check to ensure accuracy. We also hold expertise in providing accurate estimates for commercial construction business while taking care of client’s profits and benefit.

The construction industry is a highly competitive field with contractors, developers, and project managers all competing for small profit margins. Having an accurate bill of materials can give you that extra edge over your competitors in order to secure projects at smaller profit margins. An accurate estimate is vital during each phase, from preliminary to conceptual; schematic or even detailed phases which keeps costs low without sacrificing quality decisions along the way.

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Why is Outsourcing Estimating Services Important?

Accurate estimation of services and material takeoffs can be a difficult task. Outsourcing your estimating processes is an effective solution, whether you’re engaging in house estimators or taking on the job yourself.

Offers Help to Small Businesses:

Contractors with smaller businesses such as drywall, lumber, painting and flooring can often find themselves in a bind due to the time consuming process of material takeoffs. However, performing accurate takeoffs requires more than just software proficiency, it calls for keen attention to detail lest they bypass crucial steps which may lead them astray from winning bids.

You Get Accurate Estimates from Experienced Professionals:

Outsource your construction cost estimates and gain access to experienced estimators with the latest software from an established, reliable estimating firm. By doing so you’ll receive timely, precise results that result in a higher return on investment than training internal staff or managing expenses like salary bonuses and benefits.

Reduced Overhead Costs:

Outsourcing estimating services also helps organizations reduce overhead costs associated with hiring in house estimator or buying expensive software solutions. With this type of service, businesses are able to get accurate and timely estimates without having to worry about managing their own resources or dealing with complicated paperwork.

In short, outsourcing estimating services provides companies with an efficient way to manage their finances by getting accurate estimates and material costs for construction projects while still maintaining high levels of quality control over all aspects of the process.

You must relieve the burden off your shoulders by outsourcing estimating service to our experienced team of accurate estimators who prepare accurate and cost effective estimations and material takeoffs for you. We also deal in electrical estimating outsourcing and are equipped with inhouse freelance construction estimator.

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How Do We Achieve Accuracy in Construction Estimating Services?

We understand that accuracy is critical in every construction business. At TakeoffSharks, we prioritize accuracy and use the most up to date software to generate accurate cost estimates for our projects. We take into account all factors involved in the project, allowing for as much precision as possible when it comes to budgeting and managing resources. By making sure that we have accurate cost information and can accurately plan for resources, we are able to provide high quality services that meet our clients’ goals and expectations.

We use zip code based pricing so that accurate estimate can be provided to our clients no matter in which corner of the world they reside.

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