Lumber Takeoff Services

Lumber Takeoff Services

Lumber Estimating Services are a necessary part of the construction and building industry, acting as the backbone for any residential or commercial property. With their specialized framing expertise, framing contractors conduct lumber takeoffs and framing takeoff efficiently. They construct framesets which serve to support other designs in bringing structures from plans into reality. Through structural framings and sheathing work, these professionals bring architectural ideas off paper and onto real life projects, ultimately helping make buildings come alive.

TakeoffSharks is the leader in providing superior Lumber estimating services for residential, commercial, industrial, retail and civil projects. We bring expertise that comes from years of experience combined with cutting edge software technology to save our clients time and money on every undertaking. Our company also specializes in lumber takeoffs and labor costs ensuring accuracy no matter which wood & plastic composites are used.

With expertise and precision, carpenters are a crucial part of creating the structures we rely on. From building decks to constructing additions onto homes, they’re responsible for forming flooring from joists and beams, framing walls with studs sills & headers as well as crafting roofs using ridge poles & rafters, all in order to make sure these projects have solid foundations that endure over time.

Deliverables Include in Lumber Estimating

Digital Takeoff & Estimation Excel File
PDF Markup Plans
Material Types & Material Quantities
Profit Percentage
Labor Cost with Man Hours Included

Lumber Estimating Services:

Are you looking for an efficient and accurate way to calculate the amount of lumber needed for your construction project? Look no further than our Lumber Takeoff Services. Our experienced team can quickly determine the precise quantities of wood required to complete any job, ensuring that you avoid costly errors or delays due to incorrect estimates using latest construction techniques.

We offer superior accuracy at competitive rates, ensuring that you get the best value when it comes to lumber takeoff services. With years of experience in this field, we guarantee a high level of expertise and quality workmanship every time. Contact us today for more information about how our lumber takeoff services can help make your next construction project easier and more cost effective!

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We Cover Following Sub Divisions Of Lumber Estimation

Lumber Takeoff

Lumber Yards

Lumber Estimate

Lumber Supply Chain Management

Labor Costs

Project Lead Generation

Lumber Procurement

Our Experienced Team:

Our company provides reliable lumber takeoff services. We deal in the following trades: rough carpentry wood decking, cabinets millwork wood stairs, plastic fabrication paver complete wood plastic composites, trim wood trusses, wooden studs wood, wooden joists, wood sill, wood truss, timber countertops, shear walls and roof sheathing. Lumber estimator at our company also deals plastic composites estimating services and material takeoffs.

Our experienced lumber estimators understand the importance of accurate lumber estimate and takeoff in construction estimation industry. We have an in house framing material estimator who carries thorough and precise estimates for lumber company. Once the client gets an accurate overview of the project. We break it into internal framing, ceiling joists.

Along with expert lumber estimators we have cost engineers and quantity surveyors as well. Our dedicated lumber estimator itemize the wall furring material and exterior trim standing. In construction industry industrial projects are now working on cost saving model. Therefore, commercial estimates are used to get the accurate amount of lumber required.

Outsourcing Lumber Takeoffs:

Let us take the frustration and hassle out of takeoff and estimation in lumber industry. By choosing an experienced estimating company like ours, you can use your valuable time to focus on more strategic projects, such as pursuing fresh opportunities or exploring new strategies for growth. Plus, there are no extra recruiting costs; nor do you have to invest in expensive software solutions!

Professional lumber estimation services provide powerful advantages for your business with expert estimators capable of generating highly accurate and timely takeoffs. Investing in quality estimates can open many doors as it helps to create lasting relationships with general contractors and lumber contractors increasing your chance at securing future projects.

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Our Estimation Process:

Reviewing Documents:

At TakeoffSharks our estimation process begins with a review of drawings, maps, documents and other specifications that you send in pdf form.

Ensuring Accuracy:

Once you send in your documents we calculate takeoff by using the latest software like Planswift, Bluebeam, etc. We also use zip code based pricing to get accurate estimates for you.

Get an Estimate:

Our professionally produced lumber exports to EXCEL spreadsheets make referencing with markups easier than ever. All necessary quantities are accurately accounted for, ensuring a smooth framing process. The quantity breakdown includes: wooden posts, sill plates, wall studs, corner studs, Insulation gaps and sheathings, Floor decking & roof decking, Joists, rafters, & trusses.

Avoiding Wastage:

Our priority is to avoid as much wastage as possible by cutting lengths and wooden posts. Therefore, we perform a precise lumber cut list.

No Hidden Costs:

We provide our clients with a complete analysis of all the direct and indirect costs like transportation costs, safety costs, cleanups, and other miscellaneous costs.

How is Lumber Takeoff Carried out?

It is a multi step process which focuses on the sketches of your plan so no detail is left missed. First of all, identify the length and height of a wall. Take into account the size of windows and doors. Given below is the general process of lumber estimating and takeoff services:

  1. Count the number of wall studs

  2. Count the supporting plates for the wall.

  3. Make a total of the waste material.

  4. Add studs for 90 degrees and 45 degrees corners.

  5. Determine studs for the openings

  6. Measure the header for the walls

  7. Calculate the number of plywood sheets needed for sheathing

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We Save Time:

Our lumber estimators complete the lumber estimates on time.

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Our experienced lumber estimators can find the right lumber resources at a competitive price and make sure it is delivered on time.

Save Money:

You can save money yet get state of the art service with our lumber estimating services.


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How can we help you?

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