Framing Estimator Services

Framing Estimator Services

Our framing estimating services are the ideal solution for anyone in lumberyards, retailers, wholesale distributors and home centers. With over a decade of experience in wood framing estimations, we are the most reliable source you can trust. Our knowledgeable estimators provides top notch services that range from preparing project bids to giving concept quotes and budgeting. We utilize state of the art material takeoff software to ensure that your needs are fulfilled within 8-24 hours with absolute accuracy. By leveraging our experience and skill you can enjoy both cost and time efficiency while receiving exemplary service.

Deliverables Include in Framing Construction Estimating

Digital Takeoff & Estimation Excel File
PDF Markup Plans
Material Types & Material Quantities
Profit Percentage
Labor Cost with Man Hours Included

Our Expertise in Wood Framing:

At TakeoffSharks, we pride ourselves on our portfolio of projects. We serve clients from single family homes to multi million dollar commercial and civil developments. Our expertise is far reaching, with clients from all over the world. No matter what your needs may be, we offer take offs and estimations for framing contractors, general contractors, sub contractors, developers, builders, contractors, and more, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for wholesale or retail services. Let us help you make the most of your project from beginning to end!

Our estimators are certified and trained to follow the standards for framing takeoff services. The standards we follow are:

  • BS (British Standard)

  • AASHTO (American Association of state highway and transportation officials)

  • ASTM (American society for testing and materials)

  • CRSI (Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute)

  • ACI (American Concrete Institute)

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We Cover Following Sub Divisions Of Framing Estimation

Institutional Estimation

Multiplexes Takeoff

Power Plants Takeoff

Manufacturing Units Estimation

Monuments Estimation & Takeoff

Sports Clubs Takeoff

Bridges and Flyovers Estimation

High Rise Buildings Estimation

We Promise Accuracy and a Quick Turnaround Time:

As a contractor, you understand the importance of working fast and efficiently. That’s why when you come to us with your construction framing drawings, we take it as seriously as you do. In 8-24 hours, we will provide you with a complete bid of materials so you can get back to your customer quickly. With our help, you can accurately estimate each cost and make sure your bid is accurate and timely. That way, you can gain your customer’s trust and loyalty easily, something that lights up every contractor! We are committed to helping you shine.

How Do We Ensure Accuracy in Our Estimates?

We use latest software to prepare accurate estimates for you. The tools we use for construction estimating services are: Planswift, Bluebeam and On-Screen Takeoffs. We also imply the use of zip code based pricing so that you get accurate estimates with respect to your location. Usage of these things lets us ensure accuracy in our estimates.

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Where are our Framing Estimating Services Utilized?

We provide our framing takeoff services to a variety of projects. Our competent team handles the range of projects skillfully. The projects we deal in for framing takeoff include: Residential, Commercial, Public, Industrial, Institutional, Multiplexes, Power plants, High rise buildings, Manufacturing units and Monuments.

Our Team of Framing Estimating Services:

TakeoffSharks provides the most professional and reliable wood framing estimating services in the United States. Our framing estimators are well versed and well equipped to offer a variety of framing takeoff services, including wood and metal framing estimating. We also deal in lumber takeoff services for construction projects. Our framing estimates take into account material costs, material list, labor costs on per square foot basis, laser welding cost, wall studs and material takeoffs for entire project.

TakeoffSharksis a leading provider of accurate estimate and quantity takeoffs. We guarantee that you will receive the highest quality service, ensuring accuracy and cost efficiency for your project. Our mission is to provide our customers with a stress free experience by offering accurate estimates backed with years of expertise.

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How Is Bid Prepared for Framing Estimating Services?

Our expert team follows a proper bidding process to prepare bids for your framing estimation building projects. We provide a market competitive bid by keeping in view all the inevitable factors and by getting a material price quote from all the wood and metal raw materials provider in the market. Our aim is to save maximum amount of your time and money. We promise quick delivery time. You get estimates for your project in the form of one sheet excel document which contains a detail of the breakdown of materials required and all the associated costs.

How TakeoffSharks Stands Out in the Market?

Our company possesses following qualities which makes us different than others and this is the reason that we have a huge customer base.

Our Experience in Framing Estimating Services:

We have a wide array of experience of dealing with various commercial and industrial projects. Furthermore, the use of the latest software to ensure accuracy and cost efficiency while providing estimates quickly, makes clients come to us. We also comply with standards of international organizations.

Customer's Reviews About Our Services:

In addition to expertise in the field, customer reviews and ratings are of immense importance for framing estimator service provider. Reviews can provide invaluable insight into the quality of service provided by any given provider. We take pride in our reliable framing services and the client reviews for our work gives the new clients a direct insight into our services.

Our Economical Pricing:

Finally, when selecting a reliable framing estimator service provider it is essential to compare pricing and services offered amongst different providers. We claim to provide the services at market competitive rates. We put in great deal of hard work in visiting the markets to get the materials for you in the most economical prices. Therefore, you’ll see a difference in our pricing than others.

We Provide Services For Framing Construction Estimation

Residential Framing Estimate

Commercial Framing Estimate

Industrial Framing Estimate

Core Features of TakeoffSharks

Certified Estimators

99% Accurate Estimate

Fast Turn Around Time

ZIP Code Base Pricing

Prices are Affordable

24/7 Customer Support


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How can we help you?

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