Concrete Estimating Services

Concrete Estimating Services

TakeoffSharks has been a trusted name when it comes to providing division 3, concrete estimating services for many years. Our exceptional services have aided general contractors, concrete contractors, home builders, asset managers and real estate developers in getting accurate and precise estimates for their bidding proposals.

We understand the hard work involved in carrying out fieldwork and provide them with a comprehensive solution to calculate takeoffs thereby allowing contractors to save their valuable time and effort. At TakeoffSharks, we are committed to helping businesses succeed by delivering reliable services with accuracy and precision at affordable prices.

Deliverables Include in Concrete Estimating

Digital Takeoff & Estimation Excel File
PDF Markup Plans
Material Types & Material Quantities
Profit Percentage
Labor Cost with Man Hours Included

Our Certified Concrete Estimators:

We are certified with top-tier estimators organizations like AACE and AIQS (Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors), enabling us to provide comprehensive and accurate concrete takeoff services which will give you up to date estimates of the overall costs of your project or construction. Our team understands the complexity of projects and therefore work efficiently ensuring that we deliver nothing but detailed results to guarantee that your business stays competitive and successful. Perfection and accuracy has taken the world by storm these days so it is always better to be one step ahead of others. This makes you get recognized for your worth in the market. This is the approach our concrete estimators follow and that’s why they are well known for their job.

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We Cover Following Sub Divisions Of Concrete Estimation

Concrete Accessories Estimation

Concrete Column Forms

Fibrous Reinforcing Takeoff

Concrete Breaking, Sawing & Drilling

Concrete Contrs.--Reinforced Concrete

Reinforcing Steel Estimation

Concrete Repair & Restoration Contrs

Post-Tensioned Concrete Estimation

Maintenance of Cast-In-Place Concrete Estimation

Concrete Forming Insulating Concrete Forming Takeoff

Fiber-Reinforced Composite Connectors Estimation

Concrete Repair & Restoration Materials

Concrete Contrs.--Sidewalks/Floors/Curbs

Concrete Aggregates Estimation

Structural Concrete Estimation

Precast Concrete Design Takeoff

Tensioned Concrete Estimation

Low Density Concrete Takeoff

Stamped Concrete Finishing

Specially Placed Concrete Estimation

Polished Concrete Finishing


Concrete Expansion Joints

Fiber-Reinforced Composite Connectors Takeoff

Lightweight Structural Concrete Takeoff

Concrete Additives & Curing Compounds

Concrete--Precast-Arch. & Struct

Domestic Water Pumps

Lightweight Concrete Roof Deck

Concrete Contrs.--Tilt-Up Construction

Concrete Pumping Service

Concrete Inserts Takeoff

Precast Concrete Specialties Takeoff

Gypsum Cement Underlayment Takeoff

Site-Cast Concrete Estimation & Takeoff

Cast Decks and Underlayment Estimation

Lightweight Concrete Roof Insulation Takeoff

Maintenance of Concrete Estimation & Takeoff

Foundation Contractors--Concrete & Block

Our Team of Concrete Takeoff Services:

Concrete estimating services provided at TakeoffSharks stand out in the market because of our highly professional concrete cost estimator. The concrete estimate & takeoff services given by our cost estimators are generated by using latest software. Our concrete estimator is skilled at dealing with all types of construction projects. We provide a detailed analysis of concrete takeoffs, cement quantity, material quantities, knockouts shear walls and quantity takeoff sheet to our clients.

Accurate estimate is the key to success for construction companies. That is why we rely on zip code based estimation services for our construction takeoff services. The accurate construction material takeoff helps us determine that how much material will be required. So that over spending or underspending can be prevented. In addition to this, an accurate estimate at hand makes an individual purchase the exact quantity of material required. This prevents wastage and saves money and time too. Not only time and money will be saved but you will comply with the standards of environmental safety by preventing wastage production.

Our Scope of Work in Concrete Estimates:

At TakeoffSharks, we strive to provide the highest quality services to meet the needs of all kinds of contractors. Our team is extensively trained in concrete estimating services and material takeoffs, as well as years of experience working with companies of all sizes. We provide detailed concrete estimating for bulk concreting works which include concrete pavement, concrete curbs, concrete slabs, retaining walls, round column block, driveways, concrete foundations, beams, columns. Through this knowledge of construction estimating services, our accuracy for blue book estimation is achieved that is how we have earned a reputation for reliability and integrity in the industry.

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Our Estimation Process:

The concrete estimation process begins with a detailed analysis of the documents you have submitted. The quote provided by our team is made by keeping in account all the costs and material takeoffs by using a latest software. We imply the use of software like Bluebeam, Planswift, Accubid, etc. The cost estimate which our client gets at the end is in form of excel sheet. The one document spreadsheet prepared by our professional estimators contain all the cost breakdowns. The bid prepared by us helps you un winning bids for more projects in future. We promise a quick turnaround time of 8-24 hours depending on the complexity of your project.

The concrete takeoff spreadsheet made by our construction professionals comprises the breakdown of all the following quantities:

  • The quantity of concrete required for slabs, piers, footings, headers, grade beams, tie beams, foundation walls, columns, lintels, platforms, steps, etc. It also includes the estimate of transportation costs as well as all the direct, indirect costs and hidden costs.

  • The costs for concrete formwork. It depends on the type of formwork you have chosen.

  • Concrete reinforcements including structural rebar, wire mesh, plastic mesh, stirrups, dowels, anchors, etc.

While making estimates we calculate man hours to find labor costs for skilled and unskilled labor. RSMeans is used for calculating costs for material, labor, and equipment. Zip code based pricing is also used to make estimate accurately according to your area. 

To ensure that everything is in accordance with client’s requirements we recheck the final document for any errors.

We Provide Services For Concrete Construction Estimation

Residential Concrete Estimate

Commercial Concrete Estimate

Industrial Concrete Estimate

Core Features of TakeoffSharks

Certified Estimators

99% Accurate Estimate

Fast Turn Around Time

ZIP Code Base Pricing

Prices are Affordable

24/7 Customer Support


Asked Question

How can we help you?

How can we help you?

We promise a quick turnaround time of 8-24 hours depending on the complexity of your project.

Usage of latest software like RSMeans and zip code based pricing lets us achieve accuracy and precision in our estimates.

We send you estimate in the form of excel sheet. The one document spreadsheet comprise of all the materials that have been used with the costs mentioned in front of them.

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Sample of Concrete Takeoff Services

Sample of Concrete Estimating Services